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We honor the life of Tiffany Floth Romero by helping women who are suffering from Breast Cancer.  When Tiffany was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2001, she became on of many women who undergo the intense battle against this disease which confronts each of them, their families, and loved ones.  Tiffany fought cancer for over five years and during that time she became a spokesperson for women in the battle with Breast Cancer.  Her message was about awareness, treatment, and CARING for each other.


The Tiffany Foundation was established in 2006 to provide special CARE for women with Breast Cancer.  This cancer comes with so many challenges beyond the stress and enduring treatments.  There are financial challenges that come from lost wages, broken families, and seemingly endless problems.  These challenges become monumental for low income women whose basic needs are threatened, such as food, transportation, shelter, utilities, etc.


We provide financial assistance for low income women with these very basic needs.  This assistance provides some relief, a sense of hope, and enables these women to focus on the other issues that confront them.

Tiffany spirit lives today through those who support and benefit from our foundation.




Your financial support is greatly appreciated!