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The Tiffany Foundation Empowerment Guide:

This guide is a resource for those who have been newly diagnosed with, or are in the fight against the disease of cancer. This guide was compiled from the insights gained from those who have been impacted by the disease of cancer including; cancer patients, physicans, family members, care givers, legal professionals, and others in the fight against the disease. Below are the best practices and resourse that we hope will become part of your battle plan. They are listed in no particular order;

  • Create A Health History Binder:

Create a three ring binder with color coated tabs to store ALL your medical records, films, images, perscriptions, notes, emails, journal writing, ideas, contacts and the like. Always reqest a copy of all your medical records. All your medical records and other information should be organized in a lucid format in a single location. Take your Health History Binder with you to every medical appointment and update it regularly. 

Make a copy of this binder for your primary caregiver. 

  • Investigate Different Treatment Opinions: 

Alway seek a second and third opinion. There are daily advances in the fight agaist cancer. The information flow on effective treatment programs for various types of cancer does not reach all oncologist at the same time. You are ultimately responsible for evaluating and recruiting your medical team. Be proactive, ask important direct questions and always ask for references. Investigate all treatment options including clinic trials

  • Your Team 

Surround yourself with the positive, can do people. Your team should include; several childcare providers, a house keeper, qualified medical personal, clinical trial experts, a group of care givers who can help with everday tasks. Your team should also include a medical billing expert, an accountant and attorney. These teammates can help sort out the financial picture, medical expenses, health insurace issues, legal issues and the like. 

Clinical Trials Experts See: